I’m spent

I feel like I’ve hit a wall. I was trying to look for a related quote or anything to do with being tired, and all I could find were these excerpts from books.

It’s 8:30pm right now and I feel like I could skip dinner and go straight to sleep. The downside of having a job that goes until 8pmish every night. EVERY night. So, by the time I go and eat, blog, get ready for the next early morning work day, and *maybe* watch an episode of something, then it’s 1am and the cycle starts again.

It’s funny…we read all of these articles saying that the most important things to take care of yourself are: sleeping well, eating well and exercise. Oh, and water! I don’t think that I do any of those things enough or well (definitely not the exercise, sadly). So, it’s no wonder that I feel spent.

It’s interesting how the world is when I’m tired. I have less patience. I’m not as sharp, obviously. It literally feels like my brain is running slower…like the processor has slowed down.

And yet, for some reason, I don’t put my laptop down and I watch another episode! When I have more time, I watch “Black Mirror”. When it’s a bit shorter, I watch “Lovesick” (original British title? Scrotal Recall. Haha). And I get sucked in. Sometimes it feels like I’m tired with my life, so then I watch these others in the TV programs.

I best go and eat, get ready for bed and sleep. I miss the days of sleeping in. xo



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