Give it to me, I’m worth it…

This is a line from a Fifth Harmony song. Funnily enough, the association I have with it is an 11 month old baby who loves to dance to it. Haha.

But that is not the focus of this post…

How do you evaluate how much you’re worth? Now, I’m talking specifically about work and your skills. Like, I’ve never really evaluated how much my skills are worth. Mostly I’ve just had jobs…they pay that much and that’s that. For example, teaching. Teachers are paid a certain amount according to experience and education. I also am not good at extrapolating my skills to other areas and valuing them.

So, it has been interesting in my current job. Someone was hired with many, many years of experience. I have only been doing it for a year in this specific skill set. I asked what the range of salary is that she thinks my job would make, taking into consideration my years of past experience in a related field, and she said, anywhere from $50,000 to $85,000 depending on the situation. (American). I get paid $36,000. I thought, really?! I am going to do some research, but it got me thinking. Thinking about how I don’t know if I really evaluate my skill level very well. Like, I think I may be undervaluing myself.

How often do we do that, in life?! We settle for something mediocre, because it’s a job. We stay in jobs that don’t value us or appreciate us. We stay there because it’s comfortable. Because we’re scared to venture out and try something different.

The thing is, I can’t be mad at my boss. I’m allowing him to underpay me. I also am the type of person to find ways to justify it.

“Well, if you take into consideration THIS and THIS”, or “Well, he doesn’t have anybody else to rely on right now”, or “Well, maybe I’m being too greedy? Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself”.

I think it’s important in our lives that we expand our horizons for what we do for work. That we look at our goals in life and what we want to accomplish and GO FOR IT. One life, yo. #yolo as the hip kids say. 😉 xo



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