Don’t it always seem to go…

That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…-Joni Mitchell

Ain’t that the truth? I was born in a first world country and I don’t think that we realize how privileged we are until things that we take for granted are taken away or aren’t the same.

For example, I am staying in a very nice place. It is a wealthy family. However, at least once a day the internet cuts out.

About a week ago, it was raining outside and the power went out for an hour and a half. I remember thinking, What the heck?! And, on top of it, once the power was back on, the internet kept cutting in and out for the next hour after. I remember being so annoyed.

Somebody told me that Canadians are entitled. I thought, What?? What do you mean we are entitled?! Their explanation was, We think that we can get whatever we want.

I started to look at my life and how I do things. Am I entitled? Do I take things for granted and then not appreciate them until I don’t have them?

I know some people will say, Everybody does that. Sure. But, how do I do it?

I know that in relationships, I’ve done that. I remember that I had an awesome boyfriend when I was 21, but I was too wrapped up in myself to appreciate him a lot of the time. It wasn’t until I dated other boyfriends that weren’t so great that I realized how great he was.

In my job right now, I have had more work thrown upon me, due to a co-worker leaving suddenly. I’ve had a fair amount of support from staff in another department. Now a new co-worker has just started and so my boss said, Okay…well, now she’s here, so go to it. The staff in the other department are no longer helping and I’m now doing all of the work myself and also training the new person at the same time. It wasn’t until I had the support from the other department taken away that I realized how much I relied on them and appreciated their help.

I also think about how I’ve chosen a job that is in a different country from my favourite people in the world: my grandparents. It was a tough decision because it’s like, Do I stay close to them and try to spend as much time as possible? Or do I live my life and not live in fear that I’ll miss the time with them?

Another area of taking for granted is my body. I’ve always been naturally slim and not exercised much and my body has been fairly strong. But now…my knee hurt from walking…my lower back is hurting…my neck is hurting…my eye has a clogged tear duct or something and it’s hurting…etc etc etc. I sound like I’m 72 years old!!! But, what it is, I’m still expecting to be able to do the same things with my body but not work to upkeep it. #entitlement

I think it’s great for us to really appreciate and be grateful for what we have in each moment, as best as we can. And when things aren’t going like we want them to, to acknowledge, perhaps try to change it as best as we can, but to not expect it. Perhaps that’s the entitlement my non-Canadian friend was talking about. I expect to have something without putting the effort in to getting it? It’s interesting. Something to think about for myself…perhaps for ourselves?

I know that my next step is appreciating and taking care of this beautiful body I have…to keep it in good shape so I can enjoy my health for a long time to come. Now, to find the motivation!!! xo




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