I’m borrrrrrrrrred.

How many times have we heard kids say that? I’m bored…what do I do? Being a teacher, I have heard this many, many times.

However, it’s not just the kids, is it? I find myself feeling bored sometimes…but mostly in my jobs. In my current job, with 2 ten month olds…it can be highly understimulating. We are confined to a fairly small space with the same toys, no natural light, can’t go outside (for a walk or anything) and it’s just…boring. I find myself eating quite a bit more…candy, especially. Something to do.

Sometimes in teaching it has been like that too. I go into a classroom on a day and the activities planned are underwhelming…what is required of me is very little. (Granted it’s a toss up whether that is worse, or the days where I go into a classroom and a teacher has such a complicated day plan that I have no idea what they’re wanting to be done. Or they leave nothing at all.)

Today, I feel bored. I have 2 days per week where I spend 12 hours straight with the babies. The babies themselves are lovely…but usually, they want me to entertain them. I dance, sing, play with their toys with them…but, usually, especially one of them, they just want to go toward the baby gate on the stairs and climb that, or rip the wall protector bubble wrap off of the wall, or basically, whatever they’re not suppose to do. I find myself bored. There are two of us on one of the days, and so between the two of us, we share the diaper changing, feeding, writing down all of the info etc. There is a pro and con with that: pro because it’s nice to have help, but a con because instead of me doing it all and it being busy, I am sitting around.

I know that they say it’s all about how we view things…that one person may be bored, while I another person is totally engaged. I think an option is I can work to focus my imagination on different things that we can do within the same structure. It’s only these two days that are the most challenging. Other days, they go to school etc, so they are stimulated that way. I suggest things like, Can we try coloring? Can we go for a walk outside? Or to the park? (which they love) Alas, no. And I have to go with what I’m told.

I think also, it’s a good evaluation whether it’s worth it. Is it worth it to be doing this? Something to check in with myself about.

Also, it’s good to do things that fuel our souls. Find the interesting within the uninteresting. I am going to challenge myself to do this for the afternoon. Here’s hoping. xo



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