We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us-Rumi

Self-knowledge. Personal growth. Be All You Can Be. Follow Your Passion. One Life. #yolo

If you are a person that lives in a first world, Western country…you’ve probably heard these things, at least once.

It’s inspiring. In the moment, you may feel swept up in the sentiment of it all and think, YES. YES, I WILL SEIZE THIS DAY.

And then, we wake up, hit the snooze on the alarm, begrudgingly roll out of bed to start another day of…not following our passions. Not taking care of ourselves. Looking outwardly for that happiness that apparently resides within us.

Or is it just me?

In my ideal world, I aspire to be the type of person who, as my life is right now…

Wakes up at about 6:30am. Brushes teeth. Does Oprah/Deepak meditation. Takes a shower. Dresses in clothes that I feel good in. Work. Eats a healthy breakfast. Goes and works on something that enriches me (writing/music…?) Exercises (concentrating on stretching, cardio, dance, yoga etc). Work. Blogs.

This doesn’t sound like it’s out of reach, right? Sounds like it’s a pretty basic thing that I should be able to accomplish?!

I stand in my own way though. I hit the snooze when I’ve planned to exercise and meditate. I stuff my face full of various sugary things throughout the day (cinnamon bun, Ferrero Rocher, Krispy Kreme donut, grocery store donuts…whatever else) and then also chew a lot of gum. I don’t exercise. I sit on my bed, scrolling through Facebook. At night, instead of going to sleep at a reasonable time, I keep myself up by scrolling through other people’s lives on Instagram or Facebook.

How do I help myself? I mean, I have the tools. I’ve been a part of a personal growth group for over 6 years. I have DONE IT BEFORE.

What I lack, is consistency. Keep on, keepin’on. Even when circumstances change. That is one of the toughest things for me. I start feeling good with what I’m doing…so,  I….errr…stop. Doesn’t make much sense, right? Like…when I’m taking care of myself best, I am more productive, happy etc.

I say to myself, OKAY! Tomorrow…tomorrow! I’m going to wake up, meditate, do some exercises, shower etc and be ready for my work by 8am, raring to go. And I genuinely think I will. But then the next morning rolls around and I’ve stayed up too late and I’m exhausted. I wake up in my pitch black bedroom (which is always dark, due to its unfortunate view of a steel, supposedly artsy wall) and I just don’t feel it. I struggle against the little voice inside of me that says, You can do it! Get up! Get up!

So, small steps. SMALL STEPS. Tonight, my first step is to be in bed, without looking at my phone anymore, by 11pm. That may seem like an easy feat…it’s not. But, I can do it. And you can too!!!

What’s one small thing that you can choose for yourself to make your life better tomorrow? Will you get up 15 minutes earlier and make breakfast for yourself? Will you sit and read the newspaper?

Or even better yet, what’s one thing that you can do that you can consistently do? Even just 5 minutes a day. Out of a whopping 1,440 minutes in a day, what can you commit to for 5 minutes? We all say we have no time, but we ALL have 5 minutes. Think of something that you love…is it reading? Is it singing? Is it drawing? There are so many things. Take 5 minutes out of your day for YOU and do it every day. So, at the end of each day, you can at least see that you’ve done that for yourself.

Try it! 🙂 xo



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