Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


What does one do when they work and live in the same place? I find that’s a challenge for me, because even when I’m not working, the children that I take care of are literally right outside my bedroom door, so I hear all of the screaming, crying and occasionally, delightful laughter. But, it doesn’t feel like a get-away from actual work. Aka taking a break.

Thank GOD the dad told me to take a day off today. I really needed it. I had had it up to HERE and was feeling very frustrated. I ended up having a great day!

But, do you ever find that when there’s a day off (and especially for me, in a foreign city and not knowing that many people, I end up spending quite a bit of money!!! It all adds up…a croissant here, an Uber there, an Uber here, a bite to eat there. I spend a lot of money today. <sigh> Mostly on food!

I feel like my options are: stay at home (and can still do things like exercise, meditate, blog, catch up on other things, have a nap) or I can go out. And thankfully, today was quite the social day. I enjoyed myself a lot. I liked myself.

I made a costume for a party and I was “grapes” (blowing up 25 balloons later). I walked around an area and chatted with a new friend and I felt quite good about myself…even when I felt like I was being weird, I owned it and thought, well, hey, that’s me. It’s when others aren’t responding how I’d like, that I need to work on being okay with that too. I think it’s a lifelong process, this self-respect thang.

A few people who I would consider “cool” and popular suggested going out one night, which I’d love to do. The thing is…I’ll have to accept that I’ll be tired one morning (Saturday or Sunday morning…because I work both mornings at 8am). I’m thinking, Saturday morning when the other nanny will be here too. Better idea. So, it’s not just me exhausted, by myself essentially. 😉

I think it’s always a good idea to take time for ourselves and take care of ourselves. Do what we love and enjoy! xo



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