Sometimes I wonder if I’m losing my memory. Tonight was the second time that I went to write a blog post about the same topic (with a different angle to it) and I used the same Title. <sigh>

Memory is an interesting thing, because…for one, I feel like I use to have an amazing memory. I would remember people’s names, things that happened, what so-and-so said 20 years ago, who of my cousin’s friends had been dating who in high school…from hearing the stories she told.

Today, if you ask me what I ate yesterday…I couldn’t tell ya.

I read an article once that said that sugar…or rather, too much sugar intake can have memory loss as a side effect. I wonder…tonight I had two donuts and a piece of pan de los muertos and another donut at lunch and…I have a problem. I can’t seem to stop myself. Like, I have the urge to eat it and it feels really bad not to, so I do it.

If I keep this up, I’ll probably forget that I even ate the donuts? Haha.

My grandparents have the most amazing memories. I feel like they can remember everything. They can tell me stories about their childhoods in detail. I love to hear about it, because it is so different from the childhood that I had.

They say that memory is never quite like it actually happened in reality, that we always distort things. Even if it happened just a few minutes ago. Like, when a car accident happened. You might remember certain details in one moment. Then, when asked maybe a few days later, the details may be a bit different. I can only imagine how hard it is for police officers to piece together what actually happened.

Also, some of us tend to live in our memories. Remembering this awesome thing that we did, this other relationship that we had, how it was so great at this other time…

But, sometimes I think, how about…if we never even experienced any of these things? Like, we experience this “reality” but our brains are just vats in a jar or something, Matrix-style! Or maybe, our souls move from body to body and when we enter a new body, we absorb the memories that the body has experienced, but we ourselves never did. I’ve had moments when I’ve said my name and it sounded strange to me. It’s a weird experience.

Overall, I think that memories are lovely. I also think they’re fallible. So, take them with a grain of salt, they say. More importantly, let’s live in each present moment and experience that! That is what I aspire to, even though, I do find myself checking out of reality. Into imagination. Or into other people’s pictures and what I imagine their lives to be.

So, let’s “be in the now”, as Garth says, from one of my favourite movies. xo



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